SEO Monsters Pricing


Posted By SEO Monsters

Our prices at SEO Monsters are standard prices, which depend on the number of keywords you want us to work on.

How are our prices calculated?

Our prices start from $150.00 per month for one target keyword over a six-month period.

By increasing the number of keywords, the price per keyword will go down. This is because there is some basic preliminary work that needs to be performed in any case, regardless of the number of keywords. Think of these as basic fees. This is why one single keyword will cost you $900.00, whereas with 9 target keywords, the costs will be just $366.00 per word.

Please refer to the table below before you place your order.

Money Back Policy: 1/3 refund if you don’t reach the first page of Google. 2/3 refund if you don’t reach the second page of Google either.

More than 9 Keywords? Contact us to learn about our Corporate Packages!