How it works

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How it works

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1Before you can access our services, you need to register with us.

With SEO Monsters there are no contracts, only PayPal subscriptions which you can cancel any time.

The service “Page One of Google” is provided on a six-month basis. If the first position in Google is achieved in, for example, four months, payment of the last two installments are still required.

Choose the number of Keywords you need to rank and visit the page “Order now“. 2

Please, before to order, think. If you choose a too general keyword the possibility to fail the target is higher. (ex “cat”)

At same if you choose to rank “luxury car” for a website about health pathologies you may reach the third page.

You can unsubscribe from our services at any time by canceling your PayPal subscription. However, to qualify for our 33% or 66% refunds, you will have to keep your subscription active for the whole six-month period.

3Check our monthly report and provide us your feedback at the end of the six months period.

Feel free to contact us in Skype whenever you want.

In case you want to undo all work performed by SEO Monsters, it will be our care to provide you with a detailed report of each operation we carried out, so that it will be possible to disallow any URLs you wish.

All services provided by SEO Monsters are RISK FREE and the service “Page One of Google” offers refunds up to 66%, in case the goal is not achieved.

Why are our services risk free?

All our services are in full compliance with Google’s policies. We will use white hat strategies to build credibility and authority for your website.

Also, thanks to Google’s Disavow Tool, introduced in October 2013, you will be able, in a matter of days, to remove any links coming from unwanted URLs, whether because you believe they won’t be effective or because you think they might be harmful.

This way, you’ll be able to restore the exact same situation you were in before any operation performed on your website by SEO companies.

SEO Monsters = 100% Risk Free