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Hey there,

you can see in the background of this video how Google updates (source: moz) happen very often and we are sure we see just the top of the iceberg.

For this reason, no one can offer you guaranteed SEO in terms of guaranteed placements.

But each SEO Firm can offer you a good refund policy in the case results are lower than expectations.

SEO Monsters Experts benefit of advanced tools to build proper campaigns to rank higher any kind of keyword.

It’s an all inclusive solution that allow you to get results within a few months and to rank higher and higher.

To get results it will be necessary from your side to offer:

  • URLs with unique content, (Copyscape safe) ;

  • An SEO Friendly Website Structure, (html, php, no aspx) ;

  • Server efficiency ;

  • Links towards your website with general anchor text, root domain anchor text or naked URL ;

The rest is all about us.

We’re proud to offer you a refund policy up to 66% within the first 6 months.

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