Add A Personalized Signature And Social Icons To Your Email – Tell People Where You Are

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Add A Personalized Signature And Social Icons To Your Email – Tell People Where You Are

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Add A Personalized Signature And Social Icons To Your Email – Tell People Where You Are

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We all know that there are many different ways to advertise our businesses on the internet.

And we all know that some forms of advertising can be more expensive than others.

Email marketing has successfully been used for advertising products for years.

Auto responders greatly reduce the work of communicating individually with customers.

Since it’s inception in 1971, millions of electronic transmissions are sent every year.

Businesses and individuals use emails to send messages to their family, friends, and customers.

Do you sometimes send a personal email to business prospects, members of a team, or send an answer to a question related to your business?

Whether you are sending emails for business or for personal use, you might consider including some extra information about you such as a personalized signature and social icons. Some attractive benefits of adding this type of information are:

1. Make your email look more professional.

2. Attract more customers by leveraging your presence on the internet.

3. A free source of advertising.

Personalize Your Name

The possibilities to add an extra touch to your emails are probably endless. A good place to start is adding a personalized signature. Besides your typed name, a hand written signature adds a nice element to the end of your letter. You can reproduce your own or use a company design one for you. Depending on the nature of discussion there are conservative and fun fonts, and also animated signatures. If your a business then you should add your typed name also.


If you don’t have a business or personal logo, you might consider designing one. Along with your website address, find a strategic place for it. When a person first looks at a page they usually will start at the upper left. Consider placing your logo and name some where in that area or across the top of the page. Use your business or personal logo together with your name. At first glance people might not remember your name, but they might remember your logo. There are companies who specialize in logo design for you, or you can find computer software, some for free, and design your own.

Social Media

Most internet users have at least one social media account. Popular for personal use to keep up with friends and family. Businesses use social media to attract customers and keep them up to date on current events. Place a link or a button at the bottom of your letter with a link to your account. This will make it easy for your recipients to find you. If you don’t have a social media account, having at least one will put you in another advertising arena, and that would be to your advantage. If you have more accounts than you can keep track of, then your recipients may be overwhelmed by all the links and buttons.

The Benefits

Home based businesses are the fastest growing industry today. Each day over 70,000 entrepreneurs get started in the direct sales and network marketing arena. Globally it is a $100 Billion Dollar a year industry and expected to double in the next 10 years.
Sending a personal email instead of a generic auto responder is beneficial in itself. It shows that you are paying special attention to the person you are communicating with. Adding some extras like social media buttons, logos, or links could result in more followers, and ultimately more business. There are different choices as to how much personalization you want to use.

Explore the internet and you will find there are websites that have personalized signatures and buttons, with instructions on how to install them.

The benefits are worth the effort, and you can have everything set up in a matter of minutes. Add a personalized email signature and social icons to your email, and tell people where to find you. Generating some free advertising is probably the best reason of all.

Considering the number of emails flying around the ether at any one time it always surprises me how few writers really make the most of this free marketing method which is well within the capabilities of even the most technically challenged user’s ability.
Most of the problem is due of course to the fact that writers are not usually marketing gurus and prefer to stick to what they know best which is writing! Unfortunately, unless your book is a best seller with a huge marketing budget you will almost certainly be stuck with spreading the word yourself!
If you don’t use a signature in your email you are missing out on one of the best ways of publicizing your book, (or anything else you want to promote for that matter!).


You might like to think of it as a kind of business card which is included at the bottom of all the emails you send out. In fact, some people do call email signatures business cards and set them up so that they show names, contact details, type of business etc.
Authors tend to create signatures that relate more to their books or services rather than personal details and will include links to websites, blogs and pages where more information can be found.


First off you’ll quickly find you’ll need more than one so the best thing to do is to open a text file and save in that. Use something like Notepad which you should have on your machine. If you use Word you may add some unwanted formatting which will cause you a lot of frustration if you don’t know how to get rid of it.



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